Vocal King Pro VST


1. Vocal King supports MAC/Windows/32-bit/64-bit/VST2/VST3/AU. Supports Mac OS X 10.7 / Windows 7 and higher. Older systems may not work.

2. Causes vocals to stand out in a mix by giving them amazing presence, clarity, and compression.

3. Easy to use interface for fast results.

4, Meters show gain reduction after 0db.

5. Very CPU efficient compared to other types of vocal plugins.

6. Fast license file. As soon as I realize that I have been paid through Paypal, I will send a license file. No ILok, No online activation.
7. Can be used on many other sounds also.

New update 1.1 is out since 9-15-16! All current buyers get the update for free!

1. New key System. When I receive payment, I will send 1 license file that will load on any computer the customer owns! No more Machine ID.

2. Demo mode is way better to test. Sound cuts out less frequent.

3. Fixed Logic Pro error. Now loads as mono track and Effect FX correctly.

4. Added new meters. Gain reduction will be applied after 0db.

5. Added P Limit and F Limit. When switches are down, compressors will work more like a limiter. When they are up, the work as compressors.

6. DB Output knob will now go higher that 0db for extra gain.

7. Low cut, tighten, and bass knobs have more flexibility.

8. Fixed a possible issue when automating knobs that was causing zipper noises.

9. Registred is now spelled correctly. Registered.

10. Added version number in the bottom right.

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